Benefits of Learning TM

Many people say the TM technique has a transforming effect — they report major benefits in reducing chronic stress and anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and other stress-related disorders.

Over 650 scientific research studies spanning more than 40 years on the TM technique have documented its effectiveness for stress-related conditions, brain function, and more.

Millions of people practicing TM around the world also attest to its wide-ranging benefits.

Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique… TM is a natural, spontaneous process and its benefits are automatic, with most people noticing something tangible right from the very first day.

This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.

The benefits of Transcendental Meditation cover every aspect of daily life.
• greater inner calm throughout the day
reduced stress (by reducing cortisol  – the “stress hormone”)
normalized blood pressure
reduced insomnia
lower risk of heart attack and stroke
• reduced anxiety and depression
improved brain function and memory
reduced hospilisation

A good indicator of the overall effect of TM on health was provided by a study of data from a major US health insurer which compared the use of healthcare over 5 years by 2000 of their subscribers practising TM with a similar matched group of non-meditators (Psychosomatic Medicine, 1987).

The findings attracted the following comment from Dr James Le Fanu in his regular column in the Sunday Telegraph:
“The overall benefits of transcendental meditation are so staggering as to be almost unbelievable – in one 5 year study, half the number of inpatient admissions to hospital (87% fewer for heart disease and nervous system disorders) … These findings are remarkable.”

Both hospital admissions and outpatient visits were 50% lower in meditators. In the over 40 age group, the reduction was more than 70%. Hospital admissions for medical and surgical conditions were 60-70% lower in the TM group, with reductions in all 17 categories studied, e.g. admissions were 87% less for heart and blood vessel disorders and neurological problems, 55% less for tumors, and 73% less for respiratory disorders.

Results were much higher in a later 11 year study when TM practice was combined with an Ayurvedic healthcare programme, with hospital admissions more than 90% less than controls in most categories of illness.

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If just sitting quietly in a comfortable chair for a few minutes of very enjoyable deep relaxation every day can leave you feeling physically and mentally refreshed, with a calmer and more alert mind, increased energy and clearer thinking, why not do it!

And as a result you find that you can achieve more with less effort and that work, recreation, and relationships are more rewarding.
Stress negatively affects everything you do, including decision making.. It is now widely recognised that stress aggravates every disease and disorder.

Therefore a technique which provides deep physiological rest, the complete antidote to the stress response of fight or flight, will affect every aspect of life in a positive way, allowing access to a deep inner peace and happiness.

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