Anxiety & Depression

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Women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than men. Are you or a loved one prone to feeling low or becoming anxious? If so, you are not alone and many people have turned to Transcendental Meditation to find relief.

Relieving Anxiety

With TM, many of the symptoms of anxiety – worry, panic attacks, bipolar swings, social anxiety and phobia – decrease and can become a thing of the past.

Researchers at Stanford University conducted a meta-analysis of 146 independent studies on the effect of various meditation techniques on anxiety. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, found that the TM technique is twice as effective.

“TM changed everything. The conflicting thoughts that had plagued me all my life were gone. It calmed my mind and gave me peace.”

Gladys Kimtai

“Severely depressed people often believe they will never feel better. Because the TM technique gives us a feeling of fulfillment and calmness, it also gives hope.”

Dr. Nancy Liebler, author of Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way

Alleviating  Depression

A significant reduction in depression has been found in people who learn TM. A study led by researchers at University of California Los Angeles found  a 50% reduction in depression over a 12 month period among people practicing TM.

During TM the deep stillness, rest, inner peace and expanding happiness along with increased alertness gives an experience that is opposite to depression.  This results in relief from stress, deep relaxation and more integrated, harmonious brain functioning  so our emotions and inner state of perceived happiness improve, our spirits are lifted.

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