Sports & Peak Performance

TM and Sport

Transcendental Meditation can give you a competitive edge and help you maintain peak performance in your chosen sport.

Increased Performance

The TM technique improves performance by strengthening concentration, mind-body co-ordination, reaction time, speed and agility. Anxiety and tension are reduced, enabling more control and discipline, thereby increasing the ability to achieve goals.

Improved Rest and Recovery

TM provides a level of rest deeper than sleep, enabling faster recovery from the effects of sleep deprivation and jet lag. This profound rest also releases stress that can be accumulated through intensive training, competition or injuries. The result is greater mental alertness, more dynamic performance and increased confidence. “TM brings balance into my busy schedule. I wanted a technique that would ensure health, fitness and mental well-being. With TM I have the energy and vitality to work very long hours, exercise regularly, and still function well as a mother.” “Right from day one you see the improvements in your life – less stress and greater happiness. And from then it just gets better.”

Top Sports Team uses Transcendental Meditation

A group of students experience good success in their sports careers with the use of Transcendental Meditation. They report that the deeply settling and stabilising influence of the regularity of meditation creates a determination to succeed.

Research findings include:

  • Increased Vital (lung) capacity
  • Increased Haemoglobin count of oxygen bearing red blood cells
  • Improved Cardiovascular efficiency
  • Cerebral blood flow improving mental awareness
  • EEG coherence improving mental clarity, concentration and neurological efficiency
  • Improved Athletic Performance and Neuromuscular Integration
  • Increased running speed
  • Improved Agility
  • Faster reaction times
  • Improved mind/body co-ordination
  • Improved intelligence
  • Faster Recovery From Stress

Transcendental Meditation®, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi® is available in New Zealand from TM for Women NZ, Registered NZ Educational Charity Number CC41429 & Maharishi Foundation Inc. New Zealand CC10445.

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