We are living through really challenging times and we realise there are people who are very stressed and don’t have the financial capacity to learn. For example:

  • solo parents
  • women with disabilities
  • victims of violence
  • women unable to work due to mental or physical illness or family illness
  • retired women with limited means
  • women from refugee backgrounds

We would like to offer a helping hand scholarship or pro bono service. If you can contribute any amount to that, it could transform a life. Annually we will report back on how many woman we were able to support and what categories. Every little bit counts.

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TM Stories

TM saved my life!

I feel that TM has saved my life! Ten years ago my whole life turned upside down - marriage break down, my sister and friend dying of cancer and then my own major health meltdown. If I didn’t have the skill of T.M. I’m sure I would not have got through.

I now look forward to “my time” each day. It’s a way of escaping the “cosmic spin-drier” of life, and recharging my batteries.

- Tina

You’ve given me hope!

You are giving hope to people like Me. Transcendental Meditation is Awesome! Two times a day meditation and 4 days training has already made enormous positive changes such as physical improvements in nerve signals on my hand as well as increased energy level. Because of my returned normal energy, I am starting to execute my "to do list". So, I will continue to practice TM to sustain and improve this excellent result. Many thanks!

- Gulnar

Energy & Peace

A year before learning transcendental meditation, I was suffering from extreme deep fatigue. Eventually this fatigue started affecting every part of my life. I needed to take a few months off from graduate school but the months of rest had little effect on me.

Then, my doctor suggested I look into Transcendental Meditation and told me that it might help with my fatigue. I did. My life changed at that point.

In a matter of weeks, my fatigue almost completely disappeared. Since then, I have returned to graduate school and have much more energy. I find that meditating on a regular basis helps to keep the fatigue away. Furthermore, not only am I experiencing health benefits with TM, I am also experiencing positive psychological benefits. I have been finding that I am a much calmer, more stable and more positive person.

- Patricia

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