Self Realisation

Know thy Self

With daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique an enlightened state of awareness or self realisation naturally unfolds without effort, it’s automatic.

  • Experience the inner realm of bliss and timeless silence or stillness, regularly.
  • Harness the power within you to feel calm and resourced, even when super busy!
  • Enliven finer levels of brain activity to think and act from the ultimate source of all thinking and activity – Pure Consciousness.
  • Grow in love, expand your appreciation, have powerful focus and be totally engaged in a life you love.
  • See how love and goodness flows spontaneously without having to consciously try to behave more spiritually.

The Science of Self Realisation – Enlightenment

During TM the mind transcends or goes beyond its busy, active state to become settled and more awake inside – a state of restful awareness. Even if fraught with worries or anxieties, one can dive deep within to experience an inner realm of bliss and timeless silence.  

As a new meditator dips in and out of this stillness with daily practise of Transcendental Meditation followed by daily activity, inner silence and calm begins to be infused, even amidst the demands of a busy day. In this way one quietly and spontaneously becomes more self realised. Self realisation or self actualisation grows naturally with regular practise of Transcendental Meditation. Then life becomes more effortless, satisfying and  blissful.

Increased Self Actualisation

Self actualisation means having greater clarity of mind, confidence, and skills to achieve one’s goals, which brings increasing success and happiness.  In this study 42 separate studies were analysed to see their effects on self-actualisation. When all of these studies were analysed together, Transcendental Meditation was found to be three times more effective than other techniques in increasing self-actualisation.

What Research Shows

  • Increased Self Actualisation
  • Silence in Dynamism – EEG coherence after TM
  • Peak performance and higher states of consciousness
  • Leadership Development
  • Self Development
  • Increased Intelligence
  • Increased Creativity
  • And much more…

Transcendental Meditation®, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi® is available in New Zealand from TM for Women NZ, Registered NZ Educational Charity Number CC41429 & Maharishi Foundation Inc. New Zealand CC10445.

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