Benefits of learning TM

TM offers 9 key benefits: 


Rather than becoming stressed and/or angry, TM helps you manage and respond to situations more calmly.


The ability to look at issues/opportunities with clarity and determine the best approach/actions for you. 


TM is easy to learn and really easy to practice. No concentration or controlling the mind is required. It is an easy, effortless process that is enjoyable to do.


People come to TM for many reasons and within a few days of learning the effectiveness of TM surprises them. Research over 50 years confirms how effective TM is.


Gain access to greater energy for your whanau, work and other activities. 


Meditate anywhere, anytime, and learn remotely.

  • It doesn’t require any particular location, position, equipment or clothing.
  • It can be easily incorporated into your daily life.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of time (e.g. 20 minutes x twice a day).

Builds Resilience

The deep rest and energy that TM provides gives strength in dealing with family, work and life challenges.

Stress Dissolver

The deeper rest of TM makes it easier to manage and dissolve stress providing enhanced calm, clarity, health and  well-being.


TM is transformative. It can help you change the way you view life, respond to challenges and opportunities, and enhance your relationships and work.

TM for Women offers a reassuring and supportive learning environment for women.

What can TM do for me?

Evidence based benefits

Benefits for Personal & Professional

Transcendental Meditation®, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi® is available in New Zealand from TM for Women NZ, Registered NZ Educational Charity Number CC41429 & Maharishi Foundation Inc. New Zealand CC10445.

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