Is TM Easy?

Yes TM is easy

Learning and practicing Transcendental Meditation is very easy and completely effortless. Personal instruction is always one on one and is personalised to you.

What we mean by easy and completely effortless is there is no trying to ‘empty the mind’ and no trying to concentrate or control the mind. There is no monitoring of thoughts at all. Once shown you have it for life. Transcendental Meditation is a very simple natural process that is deeply relaxing and enjoyable to do.

Learning TM  does not require you to make any lifestyle changes or adopt any beliefs or philosophy. TM is practised sitting comfortably in a chair for 15-20 minutes twice daily. Anyone can do it – even if you ‘can’t meditate’.

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What happens?

When you practise TM the mind settles down and becomes still and calm yet fully awake.  At the same time your body becomes very deeply relaxed and at ease.  Learning and practising TM is very simple and very pleasurable to do.

The deep rest of Transcendental Meditation  helps to dissolve even  deeply rooted stress and strain, thereby improving well-being and helping to unfold your full potential.

With repeated diving to the deepest silent levels of the mind, pure consciousness, the source of all creativity, intelligence, peace and happiness, then stillness and calm begins to be experienced in daily life outside of meditation.  Benefits continue to accumulate overtime.

  • During TM breathing rate decreases significantly, which is a sign of very deep rest.
  • Skin conductance, a measure of the electricity that passes between two points on the skin is very lower indicating anxiety is greatly reduced.
  • Plasma lactate which is also associated with anxiety also significantly decreases showing the body is in a deep state of rest.

Questions? Learn more

Questions? Learn more

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