TM Easy

Even if you haven’t meditated before or if you have, but struggled with it, TM is different. You don’t have to have special clothing, do it at a special time, be in a special place or change your lifestyle. TM fits in with a very busy lifestyle.

Women from all works of life and different religious beliefs have learnt TM. TM  is easy to do, and the deep relaxation and calm it provides is very welcome. It is a game changer, a ‘time out’ that provides increased energy for whanau, work and other activities.

What happens?

When you practice TM the mind settles down and becomes still and calm yet fully awake.  At the same time the body becomes very deeply relaxed and at ease.   This deep rest helps to dissolve even deeply rooted stress and strain, helping to restore well-being.

  • During TM breathing slows down which is a sign of very deep rest.
  • Skin conductance, a measure of the electricity that passes between two points on the skin is significantly lower indicating anxiety is greatly reduced.
  • Plasma lactate which is associated with anxiety also significantly decreases showing the body is in a deep state of rest.

With repeated diving within, stillness and calm is experienced in daily life outside of meditation allowing greater enjoyment and success.

Watch: TM Changes Everything

Transcendental Meditation®, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi® is available in New Zealand from TM for Women NZ, Registered NZ Educational Charity Number CC41429 & Maharishi Foundation Inc. New Zealand CC10445.

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