What Women Are Saying

Testimonials from women and girls around New Zealand about their personal benefits from Transcendental Meditation (TM)…


“I have been a TM meditator for several years now and the difference this makes to my life is truly remarkable. My time is fully occupied with clients, family and various community activities which all require a high level of alertness and energy. My daily TM meditation practice gives me these things. I was driven to learn meditation skills by the stressful nature of my life, which was taking a toll on my health, well-being, my relationships with others and my enjoyment of life. Meditation is my relief from a busy world. I enjoy the quiet solitude and the sense of nurturing myself. Others reflect on my calm state and my ability to get so many things done and still keep going. Along the way I have had the privilege to learn some of the ancient wisdom of Maharishi Ayurveda and this is a journey I hope to continue. As well, I have become part of a community of like-minded people with values and beliefs that bring a different perspective to life, reminding me to stop being so busy and enjoy the beauty and richness of life and the world we live in.”
Liz Koh. Certified Financial Planner & Chartered Accountant



“TM helps me to relax and separate my work time from my down time. It keeps me feeling positive. Meditating keeps my mind more open to new possibilities, allowing me to be more creative in all aspects of my life.”



“When I practice Transcendental Meditation I feel tension throughout my body melting away. With that relaxation, my mind is automatically settling down too. It’s not necessarily a particularly profound or ‘out of this world’ experience (though it can be sometimes!), but it’s just a very easy way of feeling completely peaceful.When I am faced with deciding which steps to take next in my life/career path, I am so thankful that I have, and will always have my meditation as a ‘constant’. The difference between when I am meditating regularly and when I’m not is like night and day. When I am, life just seems better. It’s that simple.

I am more easily able to deal with negativity from within me and outside, and with the stress of uncertainty. I can make choices without needing to agonise over them and I find the most beneficial circumstances just falling into place. Call it luck, but I think it’s simply being better equipped to spontaneously make the best of whatever life throws at you. And the best part is sometimes feeling little bursts of pure happiness for no apparent reason!”
Helena-Grace Age 24 Performing Artist, University Graduate


“I learnt TM about 28 years ago in England. I have done it ever since. TM first introduced me to the nature of my mind, the expansive and open qualities. I am an artist and find that I can tap into boundless creativity.”

Bridget Oakley-Stevens, Artist, Waiheke Island



“I feel that T.M. has saved my life! I have found it a necessary part of my everyday routine. Ten years ago my whole life turned upside down with some extraordinary dramas – marriage break down, my sister and friend dying of cancer and then my own major health meltdown. I think that If I didn’t have this knowledge and the skill of T.M. I’m sure I would not have got through.

I now look forward to “my time” each day. It’s a way of escaping the “cosmic spin-drier” of life, and recharging my batteries.I still remember Maharishi’s saying – “you spend half an hour in the treasury and the rest of the day in the market place” – how true!”
Tina Pritchard N.D.M.H.D.Reg. Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

“I learned TM 28 years ago. I had borrowed a book from the library about the benefits of TM, and my husband was so interested that he read more about it. He was very keen for us to learn, but our chaotic family circumstances at that time meant that I was so busy that I had long days and short nights, and I definitely felt that I had no time to sit down and close my eyes for 20 minutes twice a day! My mother urged me to go with him to an introductory lecture – and I was hooked.I very soon found that instead of having less time in which to get everything done, I had more, in spite of taking 40 minutes out of my day.

I was able to do everything with less effort, and much less fuss. I had more energy, more time, and much more enjoyment of what I was doing. And my temper was sweeter too! I also rediscovered my sense of humour. I could feel my whole body relaxing, making for a sense of calmness.We still meditate regularly, twice a day, wherever we are – buses, planes, airports – and I find that meditating is more truly relaxing and refreshing than sitting and reading.We both feel that the effects of TM are ongoing, that the longer we continue with the technique, the more benefits we have. We are both extremely active and healthy at 72 – and are not taking any medication.Our daughters both learned TM, and one found that although during her first 2 pregnancies her blood pressure had been high, while her third child was on the way and after she learned TM, her blood pressure remained normal.

The other daughter found TM a great help in her recovery from chronic fatigue.PS My mother learned TM at the age of 80, and said that she found the inner peace she had been looking for all her life. ”


“As I read a paper in the Waikato in 1975 about Transcendental Meditation I immediately thought, this is for me.It sounded so simple, the results immense. Release stress, clarity of thought, improved general health etc….I have had trauma, including the recent Christchurch earthquakes and more, and I can honestly say through TM I still have balance in my life and have been able to handle my circumstances with a healthy outlook. It’s about what is the best I can do to recover from this situation.

I am at peace with myself and of course I really enjoy meditating. It is a win win situation.”
Robyn – Retired Auckland


“TM has given me more energy and peace of mind.A year before learning transcendental meditation, I was suffering from extreme deep fatigue. Despite the amount of sleep I had, I never felt refreshed. Eventually this fatigue started affecting every part of my life, especially my university studies. Due to this, I needed to take a few months off from graduate school. Even those few months of rest had little effect on me. After a year of feeling like this, I went to the doctor and had multiple blood tests. The tests all came back clear and it seemed that nothing was wrong with me.

This was disheartening because it felt like nothing would be able to help me. Then, my doctor suggested I look into Transcendental Meditation and told me that it might help with my fatigue. I did.My life changed at that point. In a matter of weeks, my fatigue almost completely disappeared. Since then, I have returned to graduate school and have much more energy. I find that meditating on a regular basis helps to keep the fatigue away. Furthermore, not only am I experiencing health benefits with TM, I am also experiencing positive psychological benefits. I have been finding that I am a much calmer, more stable and more positive person.

Overall, TM has been life-changing for me and it never ceases to amaze me how something so simple has been able to change my life so dramatically. I would recommend this to everyone.”
Patricia Kant


“TM makes my life easier. The fulfilling and comforting peace that is enlivened when practicing TM spills into my everyday life, nourishing every aspect. It has made me take notice of the pleasure to be found in simple, everyday things and it supports me through challenging times. TM protects me. It is reassuring to know that the unchanging calm of TM is accessible no matter what the circumstance.

It gives me confidence that I can deal with anything that may come my way.TM has enabled me to tune into myself, allowing me to recognize what it is I need but more importantly, motivating me to meet my needs. It could be an early night, getting something off my chest, catching up with girlfriends or just a cup of tea but this awareness of my needs and the needs of others prevents stress from accumulating and just helps make life smooth.TM has uplifted my health in every sense of the word. Nowadays, I am unable to hold on to anger and anxiety. I do still feel these at times but they don’t stick. Most significantly,

I find myself to be inspired. My mind used to be dull and I was unmotivated but now my aspirations soar high and I am excited to see my creative side grow. I have been doing TM for 2 years now and have had great results but this is only the beginning of my journey and I have a lot to learn and experience. I can’t wait! ”
Aria Age 26 Mother, Mental Health Support Worker


“I have been doing TM for 20 years and have found many wonderful benefits. It helps you sleep better and remain in very good health. In times of great stress, TM certainly helps you cope better, remain grounded and gives strength and courage. I have been practising the TM/Sidhis for 12 years and people remark how calm I am and look very healthy. This technique is marvellous and I highly recommend it to everyone.”
Glenise Irving Retired Personal Assistant, Grandmother and Organic Home Gardener Auckland

“The best decision I ever made was to learn TM. It brings contentment to my daily life.”
Anna Retired Auckland


Practising TM is very easy and simple and I feel refreshed and happy after meditation. Meditation times are times that I look forward to during the day. As time has gone on, I have felt an ever increasing support of nature, making my life easier and more able to easily achieve my desires.Finally, I can say that my love has increased a lot after becoming a TM-Sidha.

TM is the most precious investment we can make for ourselves.
Zerrin Turkeli Graduate Student, Auckland

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