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The Female Brain

Women are often stereotyped as emotional creatures, and neuroscience tells us that a woman’s brain is physically different from a man’s brain.

We are, in fact, hardwired to be planners, organizers, decision makers and creative visionaries. Yet we often feel that due to tiredness and stress we are not as clear or creative as we would like to be.  

Improving Mental Performance

Psychologists estimate that we use about five to ten percent of our mental potential.

This is only a fraction of the potential available during our daily activity, and a limited amount of creativity and intelligence to make the decisions that affect the future of ourselves and our families.

During Transcendental Meditation the conscious mind settles effortlessly to the simplest form of human awareness, a state of ‘restful alertness’.

This natural experience expands the conscious capacity of the mind and is found to improve the efficiency and orderliness of our brain, keeping us more alert, vibrant and astute at any age. 

We all need orderly brain function, for everything from running a business to remembering our shopping list and organising our children’s schedules.

When the brain is more coherent and integrated, all the different parts communicate better, work together better as a whole.

Brainwaves and Transcendental Meditation

Neuroscientists have found that during TM practice, the brain produces high-power alpha waves which corresponds to the state of relaxed inner wakefulness—serenity, expansion and bliss. But that’s not all. The alpha waves become synchronous, rising and falling together.

This coherence often spreads throughout the brain and is strongest in the pre-frontal cortex—the seat of your brain’s executive judgment. Stressful experiences (such as being under too much time pressure, fear, alcohol or drug abuse, even bad diet) inhibit the development of the pre-frontal cortex.

This is because when we’re under stress we go into a state of emergency, and we don’t have time to think things through. We may make decisions or say things that we regret, that are harmful to ourselves or others.

According to the research, the TM technique is unique in its ability to create a more integrated functioning in the frontal areas of the brain, and throughout the whole brain. The experience of ‘transcending’ resets the brain’s natural ground state, restoring neurological balance, inner silence and clarity of mind.

Since practising TM my thinking is clearer, and I noticed this within the first few days of learning. I’m able to make decisions more quickly too, and they’re better than before!”
 Patricia Kant, MA student

Increased brainwave coherence during Transcendental Meditation is correlated with:

Increased Creativity  

Individuals who learned the Maharishi TM program showed increased creativity in comparison to controls as measured by a higher level of pictorial originality when measured after five months of practice.

They also showed increased creativity as measured by higher levels of pictorial flexibility and verbal fluency (not charted).

Reference: The Journal of Creative Behavior 13: 169–180, 1979.    

Higher levels of creativity

  • Greater efficiency in learning new concepts
  • More principled moral reasoning
  • Higher verbal intelligence IQ
  • Less neuroticism
  • Higher academic achievement
  • Greater neurological efficiency (H-reflex)

Scientific Research on the TM technique has also shown:

Improved Memory  

University students who learned the TM program showed after 40 days improved clustering in short-term memory, indicating increased organization of the thinking process, in comparison to randomly assigned controls who sat with closed eyes twice daily.

Reference: Scientific Research on the TM Programme: Collected Papers Vol 1: 385–392, 1977.    

Improved memory and learning ability

  • Increased intelligence
  • Increased creativity and problem solving
  • Emotional stability
  • Increased neurological efficiency
  • Increased orderliness of thinking


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