Tina Pritchard, N.D.M.H.D. Reg. Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

June 12, 2020

I feel that T.M. has saved my life! I have found it a necessary part of my everyday routine. Ten years ago my whole life turned upside down with some extraordinary dramas – marriage break down, my sister and friend dying of cancer and then my own major health meltdown. I think that If I didn’t have this knowledge and the skill of T.M. I’m sure I would not have got through.

I now look forward to “my time” each day. It’s a way of escaping the “cosmic spin-drier” of life, and recharging my batteries.I still remember Maharishi’s saying – “you spend half an hour in the treasury and the rest of the day in the market place” – how true!

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