Helena-Grace – Age 24, Performing Artist, University Graduate

June 12, 2020

When I practice Transcendental Meditation I feel tension throughout my body melting away. With that relaxation, my mind is automatically settling down too. It’s not necessarily a particularly profound or ‘out of this world’ experience (though it can be sometimes!), but it’s just a very easy way of feeling completely peaceful. When I am faced with deciding which steps to take next in my life/career path, I am so thankful that I have, and will always have my meditation as a ‘constant’. The difference between when I am meditating regularly and when I’m not is like night and day. When I am, life just seems better. It’s that simple.

I am more easily able to deal with negativity from within me and outside, and with the stress of uncertainty. I can make choices without needing to agonise over them and I find the most beneficial circumstances just falling into place. Call it luck, but I think it’s simply being better equipped to spontaneously make the best of whatever life throws at you. And the best part is sometimes feeling little bursts of pure happiness for no apparent reason!

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