June 12, 2020

I learned TM 28 years ago. I had borrowed a book from the library about the benefits of TM, and my husband was so interested that he read more about it. He was very keen for us to learn, but our chaotic family circumstances at that time meant that I was so busy that I had long days and short nights, and I definitely felt that I had no time to sit down and close my eyes for 20 minutes twice a day! My mother urged me to go with him to an introductory lecture – and I was hooked.I very soon found that instead of having less time in which to get everything done, I had more, in spite of taking 40 minutes out of my day.

I was able to do everything with less effort, and much less fuss. I had more energy, more time, and much more enjoyment of what I was doing. And my temper was sweeter too! I also rediscovered my sense of humour. I could feel my whole body relaxing, making for a sense of calmness.We still meditate regularly, twice a day, wherever we are – buses, planes, airports – and I find that meditating is more truly relaxing and refreshing than sitting and reading.We both feel that the effects of TM are ongoing, that the longer we continue with the technique, the more benefits we have. We are both extremely active and healthy at 72 – and are not taking any medication.Our daughters both learned TM, and one found that although during her first 2 pregnancies her blood pressure had been high, while her third child was on the way and after she learned TM, her blood pressure remained normal.

The other daughter found TM a great help in her recovery from chronic fatigue.PS My mother learned TM at the age of 80, and said that she found the inner peace she had been looking for all her life.

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