Aria – Age 26, Mother, Mental Health Support Worker

June 12, 2020

TM makes my life easier. The fulfilling and comforting peace that is enlivened when practicing TM spills into my everyday life, nourishing every aspect. It has made me take notice of the pleasure to be found in simple, everyday things and it supports me through challenging times. TM protects me. It is reassuring to know that the unchanging calm of TM is accessible no matter what the circumstance.

It gives me confidence that I can deal with anything that may come my way.TM has enabled me to tune into myself, allowing me to recognize what it is I need but more importantly, motivating me to meet my needs. It could be an early night, getting something off my chest, catching up with girlfriends or just a cup of tea but this awareness of my needs and the needs of others prevents stress from accumulating and just helps make life smooth.TM has uplifted my health in every sense of the word. Nowadays, I am unable to hold on to anger and anxiety. I do still feel these at times but they don’t stick. Most significantly,

I find myself to be inspired. My mind used to be dull and I was unmotivated but now my aspirations soar high and I am excited to see my creative side grow. I have been doing TM for 2 years now and have had great results but this is only the beginning of my journey and I have a lot to learn and experience. I can’t wait!

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