TM Enriches Every Aspect of Life

TM Enriches Every Aspect of Life

Twenty thousand New Zealand women have learned Transcendental Meditation during the past 50 years. They report that they are more relaxed, clear-headed, healthier, energetic, focused and loving as a result, and this is verified by over 600 research studies.

  • The Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM) is an effective way for anyone to dissolve stress, gain inner peace and promote mind-body health.
  • Refreshes mind and body
  • Nourishes emotions
  • Re-energizes life
  • Mind › intelligence, creativity, focus
  • Body › decreased stress, optimal health, reduced biological age
  • Emotions › happiness, self-esteem, reduced anxiety and depression
  • Relationships › harmonious, increased tolerance and self confidence
  • Performance › increased efficiency and productivity, improved problem solving

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TM is…

  • Unique
  • Easy to learn – effortless to practise
  • Takes only 20 minutes twice a day