Self Realisation

Natural Development of Consciousness

Self Realisation (enlightenment), the full awakening of human consciousness, is everyone’s birthright. With daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, spiritual growth becomes simple and effortless. We naturally unfold the wholeness of our innermost Self, the spiritual essence of life. During TM the mind transcends or goes beyond its busy, active state to become settled and more awake inside. Even if fraught with worries or anxieties, one can dive deep within to experience an inner realm of bliss and timeless silence. We systematically enliven finer levels of brain activity until we can think and act from this ultimate source of all thinking and activity – Pure Consciousness. An enlightened state of awareness can spontaneously maintain the inner stability of silence (inner calm), in the midst of dynamic activity enabling full enjoyment, powerful focus, expanded appreciation, and total engagement in daily life. Love and goodness flow spontaneously without us having to consciously try to behave more spiritually.

The Science of Enlightenment

Higher consciousness has been found to have its own unique brain wave signature: high amplitude alpha coherence different from ordinary waking state consciousness. EEG coherence throughout the entire brain is now associated with the experiences of restful alertness – heightened awareness, eternity, inner silence, creativity and bliss. With regular twice daily practice of TM, brainwave coherence is found to remain in activity throughout the day. This indicates the state of restful alertness, inner silence, continuing along with dynamic activity, the state of enlightenment.

Research Shows:

  • Increased Self Actualisation
  • Silence in Dynamism – EEG coherence after TM
  • Peak performance and higher states of consciousness
  • Leadership Development
  • Self Development
  • Increased Intelligence
  • Increased Creativity


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