Relationships and Family Life

TM improves emotional well-being, relationships and family life

With such busy lives, women find that twenty minutes of TM twice a day revitalises, heals and nourishes their inner lives, as well as their bodies, enabling them to enjoy more and more happiness and fulfilment in their life. This is the basis of healthy relationships, where giving flows spontaneously from a full and happy heart. During Transcendental Meditation the mind fathoms the quiet depths of consciousness, where we experience the true, inner Self – a silent wellspring of love, happiness, and creativity. Simultaneously, the body gains profound rest, dissolving accumulated stress that may restrict our ability to love.

The Self-Actualised Woman

TM has been shown to increase the indicators of self-actualisation. This includes self-confidence, stronger sense of self, maturity, increased capacity to be comfortably alone, increased capacity to be in close relationships, moral reasoning and integrated personality. These are all signs that a woman is becoming more fully herself, developing her full potential not only mentally but as a whole person. And because TM also increases compassion, patience, tolerance, empathy, friendliness, sensitivity, and appreciation of others, a woman will become a stronger and more loving mother, partner, friend and colleague.

Fulfilling Relationships

When a woman is completely integrated with herself, her relationships are based not on need but on a natural desire to share. Women so often (naturally) find themselves giving, spontaneously providing comfort and nurture whenever it’s needed. Practising Transcendental Meditation is a chance to give something to ourselves, to recharge our batteries, so that being there for others does not drain us but instead is a joy to fulfill.

Family Harmony

When a mother can manage her own emotions and is stable and self-reliant, the home becomes the sanctuary it is meant to be. Teens like to bring their friends home when it’s a loving, relaxed, forgiving place. And when parents and children are all meditating, family life becomes more harmonious as stress is released during meditation, instead of through outbursts and arguments.             

“Since I have been meditating I have had deeper more meaningful relationships in both my personal and professional life. It has allowed me to give more of myself because I feel a greater sense of peace and happiness within.”  – Nadine

Benefits for Emotional Wellbeing, Social Relationships and Family Life »

  • Increased Tolerance
  • Orientation Toward Positive Values
  • Increased Patience
  • Increased Self Actualisation
  • More Principled Moral Reasoning
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Decreased Depression
  • Reduced Neuroticism
  • Faster Recovery from Stress
  • Decreased Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Decreased Smoking
  • Decreased Hostility

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