How to Learn TM

 Learn To Meditate


In just one hour, you can learn how to change your life by attending our free Introductory Talk. Book your free TM Intro, meet your loval TM Teacher, bring friends, ask questions. If you like what your hear, sign up for the 5 session TM Course. Become a self sufficient meditator and enjoy the benefits at home with on-going follow up free for life world wide. Connect with our network of TM Teachers across New Zealand and the world-become part of the TM community.


Transcendental Meditation is taught by trained and qualified teachers, in over 140 countries Spend just one hour finding out how to change your life by learning TMworldwide. TM is unique and very simple to learn and practise because its taught properly by personal instruction.




Our TM Talks are very informative and free of obligation. There is no ‘hard sell’ but you will learn how different types of meditation work, and get all all your meditation questions answered by a teacher with decades of experience.


The Seven Steps to Learning TM …


STEPS 1-3 


Introductory Talk- which introduces TM and its benefits, explains the origin and principles of TM, and how it differs from other techniques. (1 1/2 – 2 hours) You will have an opportunity to ask personal questions and explain an challenges you are facing currently. 




Personal instruction one on one with your local Certified TM Teacher (1 1/2 hours)


STEPS 5-7 


You have had the experience of TM now lets ensure you continue to practise correctly and get all the ebnefits, over the coming days you will gain more understanding and lknowledge to refine your medittaion. These sessions offer further information about the technique, to verify and ensure its’ correct practice. (1 1/2 hours each) These sessions occur locally,by appojntment, in four sessions on 4 consecutive days, at a time to suit you. Your personal instruction session is always on a one-to-one basis where you get your ersonal mantra or sound and experience TM for the first time. The following three sessions may be held in a small group. There are also follow-up checking of your TM, group meditation and advanced knowledge meetings, included in the initial course fee. Individual attention is available at all times.


Life-time follow-up


Once you have learned the technique you may attend advanced meetings, group meditations, and special events at any TM centre world wide.